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Se sei stanco,vieni qui. Trasgressiva e senza limiti.

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Rendo unici i tuoi momenti. Anyone could see she was a slave. A wave of frustration followed by pleasurable helplessness flowed through her. And pulling on the lead she led her up and out of the dungeon.

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A pair of long, tight leather gloves were then added. Mistress Vera pushed her forward so she could feel the edge of the bath against her knees. She felt a glow inside as she thought of all the things the girl would now do willingly at her command. Her mistress had never put anything in her ass before but Mistress Vera did not slow down and soon the dildo was pushed into her up to the base.

Trans Vera Mistress

Mistress Vera locked a chain to her collar, attaching her to the bed and locked her wrist restraints together. She gasped and moaned simply at that contact. This psychological part of the punishment would be a lot more effective than mere pain. She would never cum like this. She felt the girl spread her legs and begin tentatively to lap at her sopping pussy. She tried to move her tied hands to cover her stiff nipples but could not and then it was too late. Piu' bella che mai.

L'annuncio che stai cercando potrebbe essere stato cancellato o sospeso.

Then calmly the woman picked up a remote control from beside her and pressed one of the buttons firmly. A wave of frustration followed by pleasurable helplessness flowed through her. She opened the cupboard she had been commanded to and she cringed with fear at what she saw: Finally the steel restraints were locked back onto her ankles and her wrists were locked in front of her. As she began to regain proper consciousness she became more aware of it. She saw the slave pause and almost felt the moan that was muffled by the perfect gag. Related stories Related Videos Related galleries.

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